December blog

Stargazer room:

They created an interactive facial board. They have been reading stories with puppets and enjoying music time. Xakani and Georgia have perfected the surprised face. Congratulations to Rose and Zekia on their walking permits, we are very proud. Joseph has started to take his first steps, let’s hope he catches up with the girls.

Jasmine room:

dec-1The children have been looking at winter and getting ready for Christmas. They have decorated felt material to make scarves and dressed up warm in different textured scarves, gloves and hats. Jasmine room have been practicing putting on their coats all by themselves when going to the garden. They made a big Christmas tree using paper plates for their festive display, (a must see) fluffy cotton wool snowmen and reindeer handprints. We have had fun rehearsing our chosen Christmas songs with Saffron and Stargazer room. We look forward to performing them on the 10th December.

Saffron room:

dec-2In saffron room the children have been doing role play as fire-fighters to encourage children to learn about emergency services. The children have decorated their own Santa faces, hats, snowflakes and snowmen and have displayed them on their boards in there room. The staff and children have also written Christmas letters to Santa. Saffron and Jasmine room have been practising the Christmas songs for their performance.

Willow room:

dec-3The children have been learning about the plot of guy Fawkes and the real reason why we celebrate fireworks on the 5th November. Their story of the month was ‘The snowman’; they were looking at the changes in the weather i.e.; winter and what happens to the trees and what happens outside. They spoke about Hibernation and which animals hibernate. They made snowman biscuits and pizzas which were delicious and they had a lot of fun making them. They created a 3 dimensional board that shows a bear in hibernation and they have also been looking at 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes. Last but not least they have been writing their names and also recognising numbers from 1-20 and writing them down.

Blossom room:

The children have been talking about their fairytale characters and superheroes. They drew them, read stories about it and even had a dressing up week. They have been talking about winter and how the seasons change. Blossom room did a winter board and read books about winter. We have been practising our nativity play with Willow room during our time at nursery.

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