June Blog

Stargazer – This Month in Stargazer we have been looking at animals that are under the sea, we have been looking at and painting pictures, we have also been singing action songs and Rhymes as well as reading stories about animals under the sea.

Jasmine Room – This month in Jasmine room, we have made a very nice 3D humpty dumpty and we also had a teddy bear’s picnic. We have enjoyed exploring in the garden and climbing on the apparatus we also enjoyed role play vets.

Saffron room – This month Saffron room have been looking and learning about the emergency services, the children have been decorating the different emergency vehicles and put them on the display board, we talked about the different services and how they help us. The children had different occupation puppets and flash cards to recognise who they are and what they do. Also they home corner was set-up for different roles, the 1st week we had Doctors, the 2nd week we had Police station and the 3rd week we had Fire station. We would like to invite any of our parents who are in the emergency services to come in and speak to our children.

Blossom room – In Blossom room we have been talking about people who help us this month. We did little models of houses, Police Station, Fire Station and all the vehicles that go with it. We went to a Fire Station to see what it really looked like inside and also saw how big the vehicles were. We also planned a trip to the library to return our books in exchange for new ones. We have been learning our phonics and have started to blend sounds together to make words

Willow room – Willows Room theme is about Living Things and Life Cycles. We are focusing on the life cycle of chicks, we talked about the hen and the egg and the length of time it takes before the chick is hatched and where the chick needs to be after hatching, we used a variety of media to paint our own representation of hens and chicks for our display board.









Mother’s day – On 11th March we celebrated Mother’s day by having an afternoon tea, which the mothers were invited to.

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