October Blog

par1 The children enjoyed different textures by exploring glue, sand and glitter on a display board, with coloured handprints for Diwali. The children had fun playing with the rain shakers. They have been learning the song ‘5 little ducks’. They enjoy making the ‘quack quack’ sound. Children enjoyed exploring yellow paint. They liked their hands being painted and exploring different textures. The Children are developing their gross motor skills.

par2Jasmine children have looked at space; they decorated stars, rockets and paper plate planets to represent space. Jasmine room enjoyed singing along too ‘Zoom, Zoom we’re going to the moon’ and practised doing the countdown for blast off. The children had fun making lots of Halloween artwork including; witches hats, pumpkin plates, ghosts and Frankenstein footprints. The children have also got messy with creepy crawly jelly, green custard, orange water play and Halloween coloured shredded paper.

par3Saffron room celebrated Halloween last month; they have been looking at the night sky and enjoyed playing with the torches in the dark room. They were focusing on the colours; green, orange and black. The children have experimented with different textures such as; playdough, cloud dough and paint. It has been a very creative month for the children, as they have been really busy making handprint bats, 3d spiders, flour ghosts and lastly carving a pumpkin, using the seeds from it and making pictures.

par4The children were looking at ‘Black History Month’. They spoke about Martin Luther King, who he was and what he was famous for. The children did a portrait of him and they drew what their dreams were about which is displayed in Reception. In Blossom room, the children have been learning about different cultures and festivals around the world. They also did lots of different activities based around Halloween and enjoyed reading of stories about Halloween such as ‘Meg and Mog’. The children enjoyed digging in to the pumpkin for the seeds for their counting activity.

par5Willow room have been learning about autumn and they have been creating pictures of autumn trees. The children used different sized tools to create the tree branch and their finger prints to create the look of falling leafs. Willows children have also been learning about Mary Seacole for Black History Month, playing simple computer games, different books and learning about facts about her. They drew their own interpretation of what she looked like by looking at pictures of her. They have also been counting pumpkins and matching number games and practicing to write their own names.

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