September blog

The children enjoyed playing with jelly and cooked pasta and oats during messy play. The children are learning about different textures and exploring with their hands by touching, smashing and squeezing. Our new babies are settling well into the room and they love the large wooden bridge and the sensory bottles.

sept-2Jasmine children have been attempting to identify shapes and colours. They have been putting shape puzzles together and sporting coloured pom poms and mega blocks. They collected leaves in the garden and brought them back to their room to make leaf patterns and have made a lovely display outside Jasmine room.

sept-3Saffron children have been looking at different colours. The children have been encouraged to look at the different colours in their environment and on their personal belongings. We have also carried out many experiments to mix colours to see the outcomes. They have also painted a large scale tree for their family tree and collected a variety of images from families of different members of the family.

sept-4The children have been looking at the gruffalo and all the characters in the story. They have been acting out the story with puppets and have been looking at the season autumn, they spoke about why the leaves change colour. The children have been leaf painting and colouring in pumpkins to go with the theme of the month.

sept-5Willow room have been learning about emergency services. They have learnt what number to call if there is a real emergency and have created a display board with various emergency service vehicles on show. They also began to learn about countries and where they come from. They’ve made a display, painting the colours of their countries flags onto boats.

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