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Cherubins Day Nursery

Frequently asked questions

Q.      What items do I need to bring in for my child when coming to nursery?


A.    We ask all parents to provide an adequate supply of spare clothes, this includes socks, underwear,   tops and loose fitting jogging bottoms or trousers.  Please remember to label all items including coats with your child's name.


Babies settling in to nursery, we suggest the following:

- Two bottles (please label the bottle, ring and lid with your child's name).

- One drinking cup (label the lid and cup with your child's name).

- If your child has a comforter this is also welcome, do not forget to label it.

- Nappies, creams, baby wipes and any other items you would like to include.


The nursery staff will inform you of the company to contact to arrange for you to receive appropriate labels with your child's name.


Q.     How does my child settle into a new room within the nursery.


A.  When your child settles into the nursery for the first time on your first day, you will be introduced to the Room leader for your child's room.  On the first day, you will spend the time in the room with your child where we will be gathering as much information as we can about your child.  Your child will be encouraged to settle and become familiar with the room, children and their Key Person.  The settling in procedure will be booked for three days, we are very flexible with this procedure normally children and families are comfortable with us after this time.  We are however, very flexible with the settling in procedure and if this time needs to be sensitively extended then this will be arranged by the Key person and Nursery manager.


Q.      What happens when my child is ready to move to another room within the nursery.


A.  When your child is ready to transition to another room, we will discuss this with you and issue a letter.  Your Key Person will arrange for you to meet the staff within your new room, you will then have the opportunity to ask any questions and discuss what to expect.  Once the transition date has been agreed, the Key Person will follow our settling procedure and gradually settle your child into their new room.  If at any point you have any queries or questions, please feel free to speak to your Key Person or Nursery Manager.


Q.     My child is still taking a bottle?

A.  This is not a problem, all we ask is that you label your child's bottles (as stated above) and we will continue the same routine you have agreed with your Key person.


Q.      What happens if my child starts part time and my situation changes, can we do extra days?

A.  We do allow part-time children to change days, we would like to have as much notice as possible, we are aware that emergency situations will occur.  It is our priority to be as flexible as we possibly can for our children and families. 


Q.     What happens if my child is sick?


We ask that in the interests of the other children in the nursery if you could keep your child at home until they are well enough to attend.