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Cherubins Day Nursery

'Our Chickens have Arrived'

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you all to the newest members of our Cherubins family, who will be joining Rosie the rabbit. We have just brought back three beautiful and inquisitive chickens. They have yet to be named and would like to ask you all to maybe take a couple of minutes to sit with your child/ren to write down some names for our chickens. Please write the chosen names down and bring back to us in the morning or afternoon whenever is convenient to you and we will pick the names out of a hat, these will be chosen names. 


We have a gated section outside called ‘Pet corner’ and we are hoping that the children will help care of all our furry friends


The children have been aware of the arrival of the chickens and have been learning within their group rooms what chickens can eat and foods that should be avoided; they have learned that chickens will not start laying eggs until they reach 16-20 weeks.


We are all looking forward to the first chicken egg this will definitely be put to good use; some suggestions are “chocolate cake, cup cakes”. 


Our goal for the pet corner is for our children to understand such things as to care for animals and to be kind to living creatures. The many rewards that come from being kind to all living things, not just each other.


Also that food such as ‘eggs’ do not just come from Tesco! Or the ‘fridge’. Over the next coming weeks we will also be introducing a compost bale so that we can reduce the nursery waste, developing the children’s understanding of the importance of caring for our planet for generations to come!!!