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Cherubins Day Nursery

Our pet chickens adventures

As most of our parents are aware we brought 3 lovely chicken back in March whilst out on our nursery trips to Godstone farm. It has been 5 months and what can I say they have settled in very well, the children have been caring for them and enjoyed petting and feeding them. They all have developed their own characters, and am pleased to say that they have been laying eggs for around 2 months. Little Edna makes the most noises when roosting and you can hear her all the way in the office, she also really does not appreciate it when our pet Rabbit Rosie pops in for a visit. 


Wilamina is the leader of the pack and seems to rule the roost and Bertha is always front and centre at feeding time. They are so lovely and can say its been lovely for all seeing them blossom.


The children have been learning about caring for animals ensuring all the children get involved (as some children don't have animals at home to gain this experience). We have been learning where their food comes from and also started to look at self sufficiency.  We have been including their eggs in some of the scrumptious meals Fabiana has cooked for us.